Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is the value of getting a higher education

None of my million-dollar ideas originated in college. But to its credit, due to bumbling, college showed me vividly.what NOT to do but I cannot say, definitively, that I would not have learned those lessons without it seeing as how  I have been on graduate advisory boards for college topics that have nothing to do with my major like marketing and the most painful part of being on the graduate advisory boards is giving out the lowest grade since I think their thesis' stink while the professors think it's fine. Maybe the real-world has taught me something that college STANDARDS and giving the lowest grade (since what they are doing is common sense) while I've had no formal education on the major that is ranked worldwide for the school...something is very wrong with that and it's a world-wide problem and getting worse every year. And to add insult to injury, people take out loans that are next to impossible to pay off for said degrees in "worthlessness". If you have a good idea, finding venture capital is FAR less difficult than sitting through 4-6 years of mind-numbing lectures. Considering the fact that the fast growing of unemployed around the globe what's alarming is most of them has a higher degree in college and from prestigious one.  Whats the point here is that what's the use of your degree since isn't a guaranty to have a good living, most successful businessmen around the globe are college drop out. So if you are at the left side of the cash flow quadrant, wake up and do something for you to move to the right side of the quadrant.